Meet the chef

From a tender age, Kevin Gundlach’s enthusiasm for the culinary arts was ignited. As a youth, when his mother pursued higher education through evening courses, young Kevin embraced the opportunity to trade his school writing utensil for saucepans, skillfully crafting cherished, nutritious family meals for his father and sibling. This deep-rooted passion remained a steadfast companion, evolving into elaborate dinner parties, convivial tailgates, and adventurous campouts.

Upon relocating from Illinois to the picturesque environs of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Kevin honed his culinary prowess under the tutelage of Chef Dom Riggio at Riggio’s Italian Restaurant. His exceptional aptitude and dedication culminated in an unwavering commitment to a career within the gastronomic realm. In 2007, Kevin transported his remarkable talents to Seattle, collaborating with Chef Sito at the esteemed Mashiko.

Kevin’s swift ascension from a tempura virtuoso to the distinguished position of head chef was nothing short of meteoric. Upon his return to Elmhurst in 2010, Kevin secured the prestigious role of head chef at Chow-To-Go, where he enjoyed seven triumphant years before pursuing the dream of launching his own dining establishment.

Today, Kevin takes immense pride in his dual role as owner and head chef at Flavah, where his devotion to the culinary arts, innovative spirit, and emphasis on seasonality converge to offer patrons an exquisite array of fresh meals, sumptuous salads, delectable soups, and avant-garde dining experiences. Book us for your event now!